Every wedding is different - we use this sheet as a general guideline. We can absolutely move items around and customize your day to your needs.
If you have a question about anything please don’t hesitate to ask! If an item does not apply, simply answer N/A.

Your wedding day will be full of so many special moments.
We know to take pictures and video of the rings, attire, dress, bridal party, ceremony, candid, dancing and other “normal” aspects of the day but we want to hear from you! There is space at the end of this form to allow for you to specify anything unique about your day you would like us to know about!

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
This is the time you are starting your day. Often times this is different than the Scarinzi Media Start Time.
This is the time the day is finishing. We like to make sure the End of Day time matches the Scarinzi Media end time.
Services Provided *
If you have only selected photography for your day, please let us know if you wish to add video! If you do not have a photobooth and wish to add one, please let us know!
Reading letters to one another can portray your specific story which gives personal character to your wedding film. Not Applicable for Photo Only Weddings.
If yes, we can move up the Photoshoot to be done before the Ceremony. This allows for less necessary photo time after the Ceremony and arrival at your Cocktail Hour sooner.
Video Audio for Ceremony *
Not Applicable for Photo Only Weddings. We have small hidden lapel microphones to get the best audio for your video. Please select the parties speaking at your ceremony. Check all that apply.
(not applicable if you are only receiving video services) This is for your VIP family members. We don’t know the dynamic of your family, please list out the members you would like photos of with their names and relation to you. *If there are older family members presents (Grandparents) we always like to try to get single photos of them. This is a happy time, but often times we do get requests for photos of them to use in their passing.
*We will eat while you are eating to make sure we don’t miss any photo opportunities once you are finished. Please make your venue aware.
If yes, please explain and specify time
(not applicable if you are only receiving video services) This is great for large group photos.
Every wedding day is so special. Please use this space to specify anything about you or unique to your day you would also like us to know about:
(ex: Pinterest Board, email, etc)
We will tag you and your vendors in any Social Media posting of your images. Please list your Facebook and Instagram usernames.
Please list the vendors you have selected for your day. This is helpful so we know ahead of time who else is part of the team for your day but also for Social Media purposes when sharing your images. Don't forget: Venue, Ceremony Location, Cake/Dessert, Transportation, DJ/Band, Officiant, Decor, Florist, Photographer (if not us), Videographer (if not us), Gown Designer, Gown Shop, Attendant's Wardrobe, Groom Wardrobe, Rings, and any others you can think of!