Q. How do I book?

Please contact us and we will send you a contract submission form. You will that out and we will send you your contract with the terms and conditions for your review. Click Here for an example Contract with Terms & Conditions. 


Q. Can Scarinzi Media travel long distances? 

Yes. Travel time and prices are determined by the specifics of your event. Miles are included in different increments with different packages and  is billed $.50 per mille after the included mileage.


Q. How much is a deposit for a wedding packages?

1/3 the total package.


Q. How much is it to book a wedding? 

Scarinzi Media is fully customizable to your event specifications. Wedding prices range depending on the hours of the event. Please call to setup a free consultation to determine your specific prices. 


Q. What is the difference between Full and Social Resolution Images?

Full resolution images will be beyond 4.5k pixels with file sizes in the 10s of MBs, while social images will be in the 2.5k pixel range with files sizes in the 4MB or under range for an easier time uploading and sharing throughout the web and social sites. It is not suggested to print from the social images.


Q. Want should I bring to the consultation?

We talk about the Who, What, Where, Why, How, And How Much. You may not have all your event information set in stone, and that is fine! We will talk out the possibilities and variables and build a package based on your needs. 


Q. Does Scarinzi Media offer additional Photographers?

Yes. Booking additional photographers and videographers are both available on request as an addition to any package.


Q. When can I book a consultation?

We book hour blocks 24/7. If you give me a few windows of time you have available I will find a block that will mutually fit.


Q. Who will I be meeting in the consultation?

General inquires will be a consultation with Nate and/or Lauren. Other special instances could be Skype meetings, phone call consultations, or multi service meetings to which can involve a team of people to assist you in serving your media needs. 


Q. I have questions about Payments/Cancellations/Refunds/Rescheduling.

Please see our Return Policy page for details. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us anytime.