When it comes to video, there are a few questions you must ask yourself to get the package you want.

Question 1

What do you want to watch from your wedding?

Do you want a short montage of the entire day packaged in a cinematic way? Able to watch over and over again while also sharing it publicly or privately for all of the people you want eyes on it?


Do you prefer a more full presentation more like the length of a movie or feature film that capture a more commercial/event based portrait of the days events? Achieving the entire ceremony and key moments of the reception?


Are you being honest with yourself about the budget?

Often video is pushed to last on the to-do list. Am I right? This is historically has not been the most regretted decision by brides. But as video has become ubiquitous with modern culture and social/digital advancements, it is becoming an integral part of the wedding day. 

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